plan ahead for your expenses with us!

we will help you understand where you are making or spending your money and track how much you will have to spend at any point of time! make your plans knowing exactly what your budget is!

it's simple

remember the budget is very simple to use - you don't need to remember all the minute expenses, you dont even need to know when you spent something. all you need is a rough idea of what you expect to spend or make and we will show you exactly how that plan will work and how much you will have at any point.

more than just numbers

a list of numbers is always boring to look at! remember the budget provides you meaningful charts that help you visualize how much you are spending or how much you have. if you want you can even export to a CSV file and use it in whatever application you like!

we value your privacy

we dont collect any personal information from you other than your email. all we need to help you remember your budget is a name and an amount. no bank accounts and credit cards. and we don't share anything to any social networks - it's all private to you.

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create plans to track your items each plan covers 12 months

you can create entries in the plans for each income or expense that you have. you can have a quick overview of all your plans and get nice reports

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tag and search entries plus you can double click and edit any entry

add entries using a quick entry form. view all the entries as a searchable, sortable table. pageinate and filter to show only what you need. if you dont like a value or want to edit it, just double click the table and edit the values

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add entries in any currency and convert at last close price

every plan has a base currency. if you have an entry in a different currency, you can add that and specify the currency - we will convert to your base currency using the last close price and add to your plan. you can then manage it just like any other entry. we dont update this amount automatically with FX changes - we leave that to you since FX can be pretty volatile and swing widely, we let you decide when to update

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create charts of all entries know exactly how much you will have a what point

our charts will help you find out exacly how much you will have after each entry. you can easily track which months have more income or which have more expenses.

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find out what type of entries take up the biggest share do you spend more percentage on non essential things?

our pie charts will tell you the percentages of your income and expense by the tags - for example you can tell what percentage from your income comes from salary and what percentage from other sources. you can also tell exactly how much of your income you manage to save after expenses

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get a quick summary of your plan and know when if your plan is net positive or negative

get a quick summary of your plan with total income and expense per month and per tag. get to know your total amounts and if the plan is net positive or negative in one quick report.

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do you like to set different targets for your plans? do you have monthly limits you like to meet?

if you like to set targets for your monthly income, expense or net amounts and track them , you can do that very easily. you can set more than one target per plan

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track how you are doing with the targets its easy with graphs

you can easily check which months are over or under the target. our graphs make it easy for you without having to dig though and calculate by hand

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see your plan in a different currency at the last close price

we fetch the daily FX close prices so that you can view your plan in any of the major currencies. you can use this to keep tab on FX fluctuations and update the plan amounts accordingly.

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can you squeeze an extra expense in a month? or is it already too tight?

with our monthly margin report you can see both graphically and in a table how much margin you have each month or how tight the budgets are

updates from the team

June 23, 2014, 11:42 a.m.

did you check your plans recently? we now have Evernote integration and a plan wizard that helps you get started on a plan quickly! come take a look!

June 3, 2014, 11:48 a.m.

we have been busy of late updating the site with new features. you might have noticed the new monthly summary view and the email that we started sending out. there have been a bunch of UI improvements across the site and there are many more changes in pipeline. keep watching, and do let us know your feedback!

Jan. 20, 2014, 4:34 p.m.

did you ever feel that trying to view your plans on your mobile devices was not easy and could be improved? we are proud to announce our new mobile UI! from now on if you happen to visit your plans on the go from a mobile device then you will be presented with a more easy to navigate interface. take a look today and let us know what you think!

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